Michael Dawson

Further Work

Art Statement

michael dawsonI make vibrant images on paper, wood, and canvas in an expressionist/graphic style that is often called 'outsider' which, I take as a compliment!

I use a combination of elements – colour and text, historical reference, contemporary culture, social commentary, abstraction and figurative techniques, to create deliberate enigmas, mysterious kaleidoscopes — it’s a mash-up!

However, I ask you to ignore all this and to accept the works for what they are. Just to look and reach your own conclusions.

Some dichotomies:
Wealth Vs Poverty | Primitive Vs Sophisticated
Integration Vs Segregation | Justice Vs Injustice
Inner Vs Outer Experience | Real Vs Imaginary

Photography Statement

michael dawsonIf my photographs have a mission at all, it is this: to capture both mundane and extraordinary scenes, moments and environments, people and events and present them in an interesting way.

It may be a tube train emerging from a tunnel or the dark interior of an abandoned building or my walk into town. Whatever the locale, on the best of days, I hope to ignite unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer.


Jean Michel Basquiat — almost everything but especially — In Italian, Nu Nile & The Dingoes that Park their Brains with their Gum.

Outsider art
Willem De Kooning — almost everything but especially Ruth's Zowie & other work from 1957-63
Cy Twombly — almost everything but especially The Coronation of Sesostris & The Four Seasons
Louise Borgeois especially — Nature Study
Julian Schnabel — Works On Paper & Palazzo Chupi Basquiat (Film)
Mark Rothko
Billy Childish
Gilbert & George
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Joseph Beuys
William Blake
Joan Miró
Andy Goldsworthy
Wassily Kandinsky
Ibrahim Hussein
Abstract Expressionism
Neo Expressionism
German Expressionism
New York City (especially SoHo Great Jones Street & W Village)
London (especially Brick Lane & Truman Brewery area)
Zakopane (The Piano Bar)
The Isle Of Skye
Miami Beach
Ho Chi Minh City
Ha Noi & Hué
George Orwell
Samuel Beckett
T S Eliot
Allen Ginsberg
David Bowie (everything except Never Let Me Down!)
Iggy Pop — but especially The Idiot & Lust For Life
Patti Smith — especially Horses Trampin’ Dream Of Life Banga and her photography and poetry
Brian Eno — On Land Discreet Music Shutov Assembly Apollo
Stereo Total
The Clash
Joy Division — especially Unknown Pleasures
Mark Lanegan — Bubblegum
Philip Glass
Miles Davis
The B52's (1st 2 albums)
Charlie Parker
Bob Marley
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
Tord Gustavsen — Being There
Richard Hawley — Coles Corner
Lou Reed
Lulu Rouge — Bless You
Tate Modern
The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum NYC
ARKEN Museum of Modern Art Copenhagen
Stormking Art Centre
National Galleries of Scotland
Little Sparta
The ocean rivers streams trees silence & frost clouds & sky
George Best
Charlotte Rampling
The Films of Woody Allen
Oil paint sticks
Arcylic paint
Oil paint
Atlantis Art Materials & L. Cornelissen & Son London
Erik's Parties
The industrial landscape of Sheffield in the 60s & 70s
Weston Park Museum
West Street
Rare & Racy
The Crucible Theatre
The Limit Club
Hawksmoor churches — Christ Church Spitalfields & St Mary Woolnoth in particular
Lomo Photographs
Peter Lindbergh photography
Vivian Maier
Agnes B
Vivienne Westwood
Islamic Calligraphy
Josef Müller-Brockmann
Blue Note & ECM album cover design
Most things and remember everyone dies but not everyone lives…

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michael dawsonBorn in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Now lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

If you require any information on sales, exhibitions, commissions, use of or any other enquiry about my work, please feel free to contact me.